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October 5, 2016 – 7:30 P.M.




The meeting was called to order by Chairman Rob Scott at 7:40P.M.


Members present:  Darrell Scott and Rob Scott

Members absent:  Mark Anderson, Bruce Beste and Bill Congdon.

Also present: Clerk/Treasurer Jo Ann Pohlman and 2 members of the community.  Ron Rutchasky of Rutchasky Enterprises arrived mid-meeting.


OPENING COMMENTS:  Chairman Rob Scott informed those present that since there was not a quorum for the meeting, the regular business meeting would be discussion only.  A board member would be called at the end of the meeting to provide a quorum by telephone to pass any motions. Rob also expressed condolences to Terry and Anne Jackson for the loss of Terry’s mother and their son in September.




Minutes: To be approved at the end of the meeting.


The correspondence list was reviewed by the Board and will be approved at the end of the meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:  Clerk/Treasurer J. Pohlman reviewed the Treasurer’s Report. The August 2016 Financial Statements were presented to the Board. September 2016 payroll:  Admin – $1,367.10; Operating – $3,440.90.  Bills for payment are:  Administrative:  Costin Group – $1,245.60; LMCIT – $1,198.00; League of MN Cities – $1,842.00 and St. Louis County Recorder’s Office – $20.00. ESA IRRRB Fund:  Regents of the U of M – $3,500.00.  Plant Operations:  Lake Country Power – $540.09, $166.95, $147.95, $45.10, $46.00, & $50.00; Aqua-Pure – $7,250.00; Citi-Lites – $186.00; Gopher State One Call – $22.95; LMCIT – $4,075.00; Pace Analytical – $165.00; Udovich Electric – $299.82; USABlueBook – $340.97;  Viita’s – $300.00; and Terry’s Operational Services – $1,636.00. A 9/27/16 Legacy Fund payment to Rutchasky Enterprises for $20,580.00 was also presented for approval.  The Treasurer’s report and bill payment to be approved at the end of the meeting.

Fund Transfers:  No transfers were approved.

Rate Review:  The Board will update and review Revenues and Projections in November and December.



  • Ordinance 1 – Article IV-Use of Public Sewer Required: The ordinance will be reviewed for mandatory hook-up requirements – as in the past, or as an option with a possible ordinance amendment being made.
  • District Letters: Those present reviewed a letter to be sent to ESA residents explaining the voluntary Management Program.
  • Survey Letters: Survey letters were mailed with the September billing asking customers to confirm their current EDU status and advising the Board of any changes.
  • Delinquency Letters: Delinquency letters will be sent with the October billing to those customers that are 3 or more months past due on their payments.
  • Contractor Support Work: A letter was sent to local contractors providing them the opportunity to bid on sewer installation projects in the District.


JPB Update

  • VNP Comprehensive Plan: R. Scott was unable to attend the meeting.



  • ESA Advisory Rep. Update: John Connaker was not present to report.
  • Management Program Status:  A report was presented stating that there have been 17 applicants for new sewer systems; 3 systems have been completed; 2 are ready for review by Jim Orton; and 2 are waiting for the permit to construct from the county.
  • ISTS Inspections:  The District will develop a plan for existing sewer inspections in the Eastern Service Area.



CLWSD Meeting Minutes – October 5, 2016



S.E.H. Engineering Update

  • Randy Jenniges was not available for an update.


Manager Bill Congdon joined the meeting via telephone at 7:55PM to pass the following motion.  A motion was made by R. Scott, supported by D. Scott, to approve the minutes of the 9/7/16 Board of Managers’ Meeting, the September 7th – October 5th correspondence is to be placed on file and acted upon as required, and the Treasurer’s report and payment of above listed bills.  All voted in favor and the motion carried.


O & M Update (Decentralized)

  • A report will be presented as O & M updates occur.


O & M Update (Centralized)

  • Operations Report:  Terry Jackson was not available to provide the report.
  • Ron Rutchasky discussed with the Board the need to resolve the problem with the butterfly valve that overflows during heavy rain.
  • The Board also discussed the need to arrive at a system to eliminate tank issues at the Voyagaire houseboat grinder station.
  • Curb stops:  The curb stops need to be located via GPS prior to winter.
  • Manpower:  Jake Ulen will be included with Ron Rutchasky’s staff to assist Lance with fall work.
  • Winterization:  Winterization of customer grinder tanks will be verified.  Water Infusion has been turned off at the Bayside Drive DNR Public Access and will resume in November or December.  Heat Tapes will be turned on in November or December and Cement Blankets will be installed.



PUBLIC COMMENTS (5 Minute Limit): There were none.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15PM



Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk






























This draft of the CLWSD minutes has been posted solely for preliminary informational purposes.  Minutes are unofficial and subject to change until they have been approved by the CLWSD Board of Managers.

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