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February 6, 2013 – 7:30 P.M.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Rob Scott at 7:30P.M.

Members present: Managers Mark Anderson, Bruce Beste, Bill Congdon, Darrell Scott & Rob Scott
Members absent: None
Also present: Maintenance Worker Jim Pohlman, Clerk/Treasurer Jo Ann Pohlman and one member of the community.


Minutes: A motion was made by B. Congdon, supported by D. Scott, to approve the minutes of the Board of Managers’ Regular Meeting of January 9, 2013. All voted in favor and the motion carried.

Correspondence: The correspondence list was reviewed by the Board. A motion was made by B. Congdon, supported by B. Beste, that the correspondence be placed on file and acted upon as required. All voted in favor and the motion carried.

Treasurer/Accountant Report: Clerk/Treasurer J. Pohlman reviewed the Treasurer’s Report. January 2013 payroll expenses were as follows: Administrative – $697.78 and Operations – $2,650.65. $1,244.57 Admin Levy money and $923.58 S.A. Revenue money was received from St. Louis County in January. The December 2012 Financial Statements were presented to the Board. The 4th quarter 2012 Quick Books entries were reviewed by Jennifer of Glorvigen. Her comments upon comparing the 4th quarter of 2012 to the 4th quarter of 2011 included the P&L totals are up from the previous year, the District is at a break even point rather than losing; however, the District needs to gain. A balance sheet comparison for the same period showed balances in good shape. A motion was made by B. Congdon, supported by M. Anderson, to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented and the payment of bills as follows: Administrative: LMCIT – $24.78; Lutefisk Tech. – $475.00; Terrie Hoff – $37.54; and RVS Software – $72.99. Operations: Lake Country Power – $1,196.12, $101.53, $62.06, $79.66 & $135.00; A-1 Services – $2,862.00; Gopher State One-Call – $100.00; Hawkins – $1,172.72; LMCIT – $460.22; MPCA – $505.00; Pace Analytical – $437.00; and Terry’s Operational Services – $1,535.44. All voted in favor and the motion carried. The Board did not approve payment of Quality Flow Invoice #25128 for $630.00. The Board will communicate with Terry Jackson regarding the outstanding Quality Flow invoice for his recommendation prior to communicating with Quality Flow.
• Fund Transfers: A motion was made by R. Scott, supported by B. Congdon, to transfer $2,000.00 from the Operating Fund to Capital Reserve Savings. All voted in favor and the motion carried.
• DNR Payment: The contract is in place for the District to begin receiving payments on a quarterly basis by April 1, 2013. The DNR will be billed on March 1, 2013 for January through March of this year.
• Budget Forecast: The Board received an updated forecast relating to RD yearly loan payments and the proposed expansion down Handberg Road.

• Property Transfers within CLWSD: R. Scott will meet with Terry Soderberg of St. Louis County to     discuss the following: Notification to the District of property sales within the District; the cost over run of the CSAH 24 Expansion; and sewer compliance review of properties along the proposed Handberg Road Expansion.
• Ordinance Review: B. Beste and B. Congdon are communicating with Mary Frances Skala of Fryberger, Buchanan regarding Ordinance 3 language relating to businesses wishing to decrease their EDU’s when they are temporarily removed during expansion construction. They are also looking into requests for removal of EDU’s and tanks on a permanent basis.

Legal Issues
• RLK Arbitration: The District hopes to hear something by next week.

CLWSD Meeting Minutes – February 6, 2013
JPB Update
• VNP Comprehensive Plan: The board met on January 23rd with the next meeting planned for February 27th. Commissioner Pavleck, Julie Kennedy, Rob Scott and Gary Cerkvenik held meetings with Sen.Bakk, Rep. Dill, Sen.Stump, and State Bonding Chair Rep. Hausman to discuss funding for the Island View extension and the Handberg Road Expansion projects. All parties are working to have a 2013 bonding bill and support both projects. Funding discussions continue with Congressman Nolan’s office for overall project support in the next WRDA bill. Work continues with the DNR on their involvement in the Puck’s Point project. There are no changes in the Ash River efforts to form a sewer committee. S.E.H. continues to work on the Handberg Road Expansion project. The JPB budget for 2013 from St. Louis County is $35K and from Koochiching County is $25K.

S.E.H. Update
• Randy Jenniges joined the meeting via telephone a little after 8PM.
• CSAH 24 Easements: Randy will see what he can do to expedite the one remaining outstanding easement.
• Grinder Capacity Review: Randy provided a spreadsheet to the Board showing grinder station daily capacity, highest monthly gallon usage for 2011 and 2012, average daily usage for the highest month, peaking factor and over or under design capacity for each grinder station. Billing account numbers and names were assigned to each grinder tank size and parcel codes will be added. This will assist the Board with expansion requests for existing customers.
• DNR – RV Campground: There was no discussion.
• Hold & Haul within CLWSD: There was no discussion.
• Handberg Road Expansion:
Holding Tanks: There was no update.
DNR – Landing: There was no update.
Engineer Services Grant (Search Grant) Request: National allocations must be determined before            this request can be fully addressed. The USDA-RD has determined that the District is eligible for this funding.
• Federal Grant Application: There was no discussion.
• Letter to Future Customers: R. Scott provided an outline of items to address in a future letter explaining the Handberg Road Expansion.

Treatment Plant and Operations Report
• Jim Pohlman read Terry Jackson report for January. Terry continues to work on the problem with current total suspended solids (TSS) standards. He continues to make adjustments to the process at the plant to resolve the problem. All other standards were met during the month of January.
PUBLIC COMMENTS (5 Minute Limit): There were none.

The meeting was adjourned at 8.35PM


Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk


This draft of the CLWSD minutes has been posted solely for preliminary informational purposes. Minutes are unofficial and subject to change until they have been approved by the CLWSD Board of Managers.

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