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Robert Scott, Chair                                                                                                                   Darrell Scott, Manager

Bruce Beste, Vice-Chair                                                                                                     Mark Anderson, Manager

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April 11, 2013






The report presented at the Annual Town Meeting on March 12, 2013 and a copy of a letter sent to our future customers of the Eastern Service Area Handberg Road Expansion are enclosed as an update on the District’s actions of late and plans for the future.


To be informed on a monthly basis, check the District website at to read the minutes that are usually posted within a week of the monthly Board of Managers’ meeting.  Of course, you are always welcome to attend the meetings that are held the first Wednesday of each month.  Any date changes are posted on the website, at the Post Office and local resorts when open.


You may contact any of the Managers with concerns or comments or the Clerk at the above numbers:



Your District Board,



Mark Anderson           218/993-2287    

Bruce Beste                218/391-4108    

Bill Congdon                218/256-1508    

Darrell Scott                218/993-2341    

Robert Scott                218/993-2330    


CLWSD Annual Summary Report prepared by Chairman Rob Scott and presented at the

AnnualTownship Meeting on March 12, 2013:



  • Our 2012 annual revenues were $257,000.00 (operating, special assessment, and tax levy funds) and total expenses were $284,512.00 (operating, administrative, debt service, and depreciation). For 2013 we increased our rates by 3% and reduced the tax levy by approximately 10% to $80,000.00. If you do not factor in the depreciation expense, we are operating at a positive cash flow of approximately $15,000.00
  • The ongoing case between CLWSD vs. RLK continues. On February 1, 2013 we filed demand for arbitration with the American Arbitration Association. A conference call this week will finalize the arbitration date and location, arbitrator, and afford last minute mediation from RLK.
  • We have closed out the CSAH-24 expansion project and the new collection system is operating normally.
  • We have entered into a cooperative agreement with the DNR to ensure continuity of revenue with the sale of Water’s Edge to the DNR. The amount is for $6,850.00 and renewable annually in December. The DNR has agreed to renew the contract for at least three more years.
  • The CLWSD looked into the potential advantages to consolidate the CLWSD board within the Township. Our legal advisors, financial advisor, and our lobbyist were contacted for their inputs. The board deliberated on the information provided and moved that no change should be made at this time.
  • We continue to work the initial planning and funding requests for the Handberg Road expansion project. We are waiting for Federal funding allocation to receive $30,000.00 in Search Grant funds to complete the Preliminary Engineering Report that is ongoing at S.E.H. The construction and engineering support funding requests are on multiple fronts with the primary focus at the state level. I have made two trips to St Paul working the requests and last week participated in testimony to the Senate Environment, Economic Development and Agriculture committee on behalf of two pending legislative requests for funding for the Handberg Road expansion and restroom facilities at the DNR landing. Similar testimony will be given at the House committee in 3-4 weeks. The funding requests are part of the State bonding bill and Legacy Water Recreation account.
  • The CLWSD treatment plant processed over 2 million gallons of sewer and has met all standards throughout the summer and fall. This winter we identified some unknown substance that is causing the amount of suspended solids to exceed the MPCA standards. Our licensed operator has been working with the MPCA to identify what the particles are. There is no issue with the treated discharge, but to date the particles have not been identified. This month there will be a meeting in St Paul with other agencies and the MPCA to attempt to determine what the issue is.
  • Next summer we will be conducting an end-to-end survey of the entire collection system including all individual grinder stations. The purpose of the survey is to determine the status of the system and to evaluate what upgrades and changes need to be made to ensure that system integrity is being maintained. If work is needed, it will be prioritized and completed based on funding availability.





P.O. BOX 306


Phone or Fax:  218/993-1303   Email:


Robert Scott, Chair                                                                                      Darrell Scott, Manager

Bruce Beste, Vice-Chair                                                                             Mark Anderson, Manager

                                                                                                                               William Congdon, Manager

March 22, 2013




Dear Resident,


The Crane Lake Water and Sanitary District (CLWSD) is currently in the initial planning stages for our second sewer expansion within the Eastern Service Area (ESA). The original sewer service became operational in 2004 and in 2010 we completed our first ESA expansion down the Crane Lake Road to Anderson’s.


The expansion project will be funded entirely by grant funds. The grant application process is ongoing at the State and Federal levels. We have applied for engineering service grant funds with the USDA-RD. These funds will be utilized to develop a preliminary engineering report that is required for Federal funding, for collection system design, and the construction bid process. The Federal construction grant requests have been submitted to the USDA-RD and the Water Resources committee. At the state level, we are working with Senator Bakk and Representative Dill on grant requests to be included in the State Bonding bill that is currently working its way in the State legislature. We have also submitted grant applications to other state agencies.


The main reason we have selected Handberg Road as the second expansion within the ESA is that it has the highest need given the potential funds available. The board is aware of the limited grant funds available and to obtain greater than $2 million in grant money has a very low probability. The estimated cost for the project is around $1.8 million. Additionally, we have support for $300,000 from the DNR to improve the restroom facilities at the DNR landing.


The Handberg Road expansion affords us the opportunity to phase the project, if necessary, based on funding levels and when the funds are available. We will look at all properties that are accessible and design the expansion to match different cost levels.


We anticipate that within the next few weeks we will have a better idea how the State and Federal budgets will look and how these budgets will impact our project. For additional information or assistance contact me or any of the board members, attend a board meeting, or review our posted meeting minutes.





Rob Scott, Chairman

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