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August 17, 2009 – 7:30 P.M.



The meeting was called to order by Chairman Rob Scott at 7:32P.M.


Members present:  Managers Bill Congdon, Darrell Scott, Rob Scott and Mike White.

Members absent: Manager Dave Adams.

Also present:  Sewer Maintenance Worker Jim Pohlman and Clerk/Treasurer Jo Ann Pohlman.




Minutes:  A motion was made by B. Congdon, supported by D. Scott, to approve the minutes of the Board of Managers’ Regular Meeting of July 1, 2009. All voted in favor and the motion carried.


Correspondence:  The correspondence list was reviewed by the Board.  A motion was made by M. White, supported by B. Congdon, that the correspondence be placed on file and acted upon as required. All voted in favor and the motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Clerk/Treasurer J. Pohlman reviewed the Treasurer’s Report. The 2008 Audit has been completed and the District books have been adjusted to coincide with the audit. July payroll expenses were as follows: Administrative – $800.40 and Operations – $1,929.15. Jennifer of Glorvigen reviewed the District books for the 2nd Quarter. The June 2009 financial statements were presented to the Board. Invoices-on-hand were reviewed with the Board. A motion was made by B. Congdon, supported by D. Scott, to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented and the payment of bills as follows:  Administrative:   Costin Group – $1,000.00; Crane Lake Chapel – $17.40; Fryberger, et al – $594.00; Lutefisk – $275.40; Quill – $86.54; RVS Software – $106.00 and Terry’s Operational Services – $14.63. Operations:  Lake Country Power – $246.41, $79.13, $34.89 & $49.21; Anderson Outfitters – $605.00; Canoe Country Electric – $1,200.00; F.W. Webb Co. – $438.08; Gopher State One Call – $1.45; Hawkins – $1,081.91 and Terry’s Operational Services – $1,116.00.  All voted in favor and the motion carried.


  • Service Connection Procedures & Interim Connection Billing:  Ordinance #3 amendments were received from Fryberger, Buchanan et al addressing interim hook-ups, modified use of a property and incorporation of EDU assignments to include the minimum of one EDU per installed grinder station.  A motion was made by B. Congdon, supported by D. Scott to approve the amendments to Ordinance #3.  B. Congdon, D. Scott and R. Scott voted in favor; M. White voted against and the motion carried.  R. Scott stated that individuals going through setting up an initial system need to notify the District and provide the District with documentation of St. Louis County approval to install a holding tank.
  • Insurance Claim 2009:  A list of invoices for consideration for the 2009 Freeze has been submitted to Allied Adjusters with a total amount of $10,663.55.
  • Culvert:  The County was advised of Board action approving funding for maintenance of the main line during culvert construction this fall.  The County will be sending an agreement to the Board.  An agreement has not been received to date.
  • EDU Valuations & Survey:  The EDU survey is complete. M. White requested a copy of the EDU survey list with EDU calculations and assignments.  The list will be sent to all Board Managers.
  • Stahnke/Eggen Special Assessment:  A letter will be written to Oliver Eggen stating Fryberger, Buchanan’s opinion on the Special Assessment assignment on the Stahnke property.
  • VLD EDU Reduction:  A motion was made by B. Congdon, supported by D. Scott to approve reduction of the VLD EDU assignment from 15 to 4, reflecting the 4 grinder stations on the property and beginning with the June 09 billing.  B. Congdon, D. Scott and R. Scott voted in favor; M. White voted against and the motion carried.
  • Seigley EDU Valuation:  A motion was made by B. Congdon, supported by D. Scott to approve Fryberger, Buchanan, et al drafting a letter to Mr. Seigley explaining his EDU assignment. B. Congdon, D. Scott and R. Scott voted in favor; M. White voted against and the motion carried.


USDA-RD Debt Service Update

  • USDA-RD had indicated its intention to complete the workout plan by August 15th.  All requested information has been submitted to Rural Development with no response received to date.



CLWSD Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2009

JPA Update

  • The monthly meeting of the Namakan Basin Joint Powers Board (JPB) was held at the Cook Land Department on July 23, 2009.  Julie Kennedy of S.E.H. Engineering provided an update on the JPB Comprehensive Plan. She is working with the County Auditor’s office in developing the mailing list for the surveys.  Commissioner Forsman updated the board on the status of the Joint JPA.  The board discussed the challenges of four ongoing projects and the need for understanding of flexibility challenges the overall project faces with the different funding sources, funding cycles, and funding timelines.


Legal Issues

  • RLK and Freezing Issue:  The Board should have information from Fryberger, Buchanan et al on how to proceed by the September meeting.


Collection System

  • Contractor Selection:  Three proposals to provide corrective action work were received:  Sokoloski Septic & Excavation, Inc.; Rutchasky Enterprises, Inc.; and Viita’s Excavating, Inc. A motion was made by M. White, supported by B. Congdon to select Rutchasky Enterprises, Inc. to provide the work.  All voted in favor and the motion carried.
  • Collection System Analysis & Corrective Action Plan:  Terry Jackson will be asked to discuss Donald Lutch’s report with Ron Rutchasky to determine an approximate total cost to correct the recommended items related to collection system freezing. We will then compare to budget.  R. Scott will also talk to Terry Jackson about the culvert solution for Norway Lodge.


ESA Expansion

  • Bonding Bill Funding:  Mike Larson provided an update at the JPB meeting on project funding and continues to work funding through the state bonding bill process.  He also continues to work with the USACE on 569 Project funds for:  Kabetogama treatment design work, Ash River preliminary engineering design work and Crane Lake collection system extension work.


Treatment Plant and Operations Report

  • Jim Pohlman reviewed Terry Jackson’s report with the Board. The plant continued to meet effluent limitations set forth by the MPCA and the US EPA.
  • The actuator that was ordered as a replacement was delivered and installed.  The actuator is used to regulate recirculation of the sand filters.
  • Two capacitors were installed in the main lift station.  There have been no phase failures since installation.
  • T. Jackson met with USDA-RD representatives to provide the annual inspection of the plant and collection system.  A report will be forthcoming.


The Board changed the September meeting date from September 2nd to September 9th.


PUBLIC COMMENT (5 Minute Limit)  There were none.




The meeting was adjourned at 8:45PM


Jo Ann Pohlman, Clerk






This draft of the CLWSD minutes has been posted solely for preliminary informational purposes.  Minutes are unofficial and subject to change until they have been approved by the CLWSD Board of Managers.

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