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December 1, 2004 – 7:30 P.M.



The meeting was called to order by Chairman Michael White at 7:40 P.M.


Members present:  Managers Deena Congdon, Darrell Scott, and Michael White.

Members absent: Bud Bystrom and Rob Scott


Also present: Jim Pucel of RLK Kuusisto, Jim Pohlman of NTS, Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, reporters from the Cook News-Herald and the Voyageur Sentinel and 2 members of the community.




A motion was made by D. Congdon, supported by D. Scott, to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 17, 2004.  Motion carried.


The correspondence was presented to the Board.  A motion was made by D. Congdon, supported by D. Scott, that the correspondence be placed on file and acted upon as required.  Motion carried.


M. White reviewed the Treasurer’s Report.  A motion was made by D. Scott, supported by D. Congdon, to approve the Treasurer’s Report as read and the payment of bills as follows:  Administrative:  Quill – $164.20; and Fryberger Firm – $3,791.47. Project:  Hawkins – $176.70 and $82.00; Lake Country Power – $405.00; RLK-Kuusisto – $8,078.75; NTS – $6,538.75; and EFS – $840.00.  Motion carried.


RLK-Kuusisto Project Status Report

  • MDH – Minnesota Health Department issues have been resolved except the well on the Zullick property.  Peterson Well Drilling has indicated that they will do the work in the spring. J. Pucel will contact the MDH with this information.  MDH is putting together the stipulation agreements.
  • Service Connections/Abandonments – 72 have been completed to date.  Heil and A. McKie remain.  Heil’s will be done soon.  Wagner may have a basin for the A. McKie property; otherwise, delivery date is anticipated in January.
  • Punch list items are being completed.
  • Plant Influent Meter – RLK will continue to research alternative price quotes.
  • System Infiltration and Grinder Pump Corrections – These issues are still a concern and are being addressed.
  • Treatment Plant Modifications – John Jamnick, Jim Pucel, and Mike Appelwick will review requirements for remote monitoring.
  • Easement Changes during Construction – D. Congdon and J. Pucel submitted a recommendation to the Board for review.  J. Pucel is currently working on the recording of the Plat.
  • Wagner Invoices – Property owners have received invoices from Wagner for connection work.  M. White asked J. Pucel to contact Wagner to determine if property owners were charged for work within and outside the easement.  The property owner should be paying for work outside the easement only.



NTS Project Status Report

  • Facility Operations – Jim Pohlman reported that the plant is operating well.
  • Grinder Pump Winterization – A number of grinder pumps have been winterized and letters have been sent to property owners with winterized pumps.  User guides were also sent.  There are six more pumps to be pulled for the winter season.  The Fire Department will be needed to assist with this project.  Their participation in this project is greatly appreciated.


NTS Project Status Report (Cont.)

  • User Guides – A user guide was sent to property owners with winterized pumps.  The Board will review the user guide and remit any changes to the Clerk before they are printed and laminated by NTS to be distributed to WSA property owners.
  • Stuart McKie property – There is an issue with the grinder pump alarm system, which should be resolved by Quality Control next week.


Rate Ordinance Status

  • M. White reviewed the status of amended Ordinance No. 1 and the new Ordinance No. 3 with the Board.
  • M. White made a motion to adopt revised Ordinance No. 1 and the new Ordinance No. 3 with the recommended changes.
  • D. Scott asked RLK to explain the methodology used for Houseboat EDU determination in their letter received on this dated as it differed in format from their previous recommendations.  J. Pucel explained that they used different steps to arrive at the same answer, that being .08 EDU per houseboat.
  • D. Scott supported M. White’s motion.  With no further discussion the vote was as follows:  D. Congdon – yes, D. Scott – yes, and M. White – yes.  Motion carried.
  • A motion was made by M. White, supported by D. Congdon to distribute copies of revised Ordinance No. 1 and the new rate Ordinance No. 3.  Motion carried.  M. White will prepare a cover letter to be mailed with the Ordinances.  D. Congdon suggested that the User Guides be mailed at the same time.


Accounting/Reporting System

  • D. Congdon is currently putting data into the program.


Eastern Service Area Plan

  • Aerial Photos – M. White reported that Gary Cerkvenik of Costin Group, Inc. had contacted Ayres for the aerial photographs.  He indicated that Ayres would put the photos on a CD and forward it to him.
  • Meeting with County – John Jamnick, Mike Appelwick, Mike White and Darrell Scott met with Environmental Health Director Dale Schroeder of St. Louis County in Duluth on November 30th.  Gary Cerkvenik was unable to attend the meeting.  The ESA plan was discussed as related to the use of holding tanks for seasonal properties.  M. White and D. Scott felt it was a productive meeting and concluded that if the County requirements as related to responsibility and accountability were satisfied, this could be a viable option.  M. White asked that J. Jamnick and M. Appelwick provide their perceptions of the meeting to him to forward to Mr. Cerkvenik.  Mr. Cerkvenik will, in turn, send a letter to the County.


Long Range Plan (2005-2009)

  • A long-range plan will need to be developed by the Board, which will include County agreement for the ESA, funding requests for the ESA, and plant utilization of remaining capacity.
  • M. White referred to the phone conversation with Scott Smith of the St. Louis County Planning Department regarding a 42-unit permit request by Voyageur Lakes Development and by Scott’s Resort for a 14-unit development.  Mr. Smith asked for a plan on the Board’s intentions to utilize the balance of the plant capacity.  M. White responded to Mr. Smith saying we were still in the hook-up phase and were unable to provide numbers at this time.
  • Scott Harder of Environmental Financial Services sent a proposal for a long-range plan development to M. White today.  M. White will send the proposal to Gary Cerkvenik to review before it is sent to the Board for review.
  • The Board agreed that the plant capacity long-range planning process should be immediate so it does not hinder future expansions.


2005 Levy

  • M. White will prepare a budget for 2005 to be presented at the December 15th meeting.  The levy may be adjusted downward during the month of December.  M. White does not anticipate this happening as there are no grant funding options for the ESA planning at this time.


OTHER BUSINESS – There was none.




Ruth L. Carlson asked when the Board planned to have the dedication for the treatment plant system.  J. Pucel said he and J. Jamnick had talked of the dedication.  A spring date is being considered.


Dorothy Mohr suggested that information about the plant dedication be included with the Ordinance mailing.



There being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 8:40P.M.



J. Pohlman, Clerk




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