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December 3, 2003 – 7:30 PM




Regular Meeting


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Michael White at 7:35PM.


Members present:  Managers Jim Sanborn, Deena Congdon, Darrell Scott, Mike White, and Bud Bystrom.  Members absent:   None


Also present:  John Jamnick and Jim Pucel of RLK-Kuusisto Ltd., Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, a reporter from the Cook News-Herald, a reporter from the Voyageur Sentinel and 3 members of the community.




Motion by D. Scott, supported by B. Bystrom to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 19, 2003.  Motion carried.


Chairman M. White reviewed the Treasurer’s Report and explained the need for a loan if Special Assessment funds cannot be temporarily used to ease cash flow. The advise of legal council will be requested on this issue. A motion was made by D. Congdon, supported by B. Bystrom to approve the November Treasurer’s Report and the payment of the following Administrative and Project bills, and Partial Payment Estimates; and approving the procurement of a $40,000 loan if Special Assessment funds cannot be used.  Administrative:  Fryberger et al – $64.60 and $3,628.51; Crane Lake Chapel – $22.00; Frontier – $66.72; Minnesota Rural Water – $195.00 and Quill – $145.13.  Project:  NTS – $280.00; Cope & Peterson -$195.00; and RLK-Kuusisto – $19,437.82. Partial Payment Estimate No. 5 for the Collection System – $10,990.48 and Partial Payment Estimate No. 5 for the Treatment System – $69,835.41.  Motion carried.


2004 Levy

  • M. White reminded the Board that the 2003 Forecast showed a drop of approximately $32,000 in expenses.  M. White spoke to Scott Harder about reducing the 2004 levy amount.
  • Scott Harder advised not to reduce the levy amount, as there could be a delay in hooking everyone up after the plant is operational.  This delay could impact cash flow.
  • M. White also mentioned the court costs of $35,000, potential additional court cases, and engineering fees to set up the initial plan for the Eastern Service Area as additional expenses.
  • M. White agreed that the levy should be left at $77,250.00 and asked the Board’s opinion.
  • A motion was made by B. Bystrom, supported by D. Congdon to leave the 2004 levy amount at $77,250.00 as submitted to St. Louis County in September.  Motion carried.



  • The correspondence was presented to the Board.
  • A motion was made by J. Sanborn, supported by D. Congdon that the correspondence be placed on file and acted upon as required.   Motion carried.


RLK-Project Status Report

  • Construction-Wastewater Collection System – Wagner has shut down for the winter.
  • Construction-Wastewater Treatment System – Rice Lake will continue working on the building after the New Year.
  • Open issues include:  Grinder pump approval, record the plat, power to lift station and treatment site, biosolids  disposal, and easement/construction changes requested by homeowners.


RLK-Project Status Report (Cont.)

  • John Jamnick spoke of the recent correspondence with Christoffell & Elliott, council representing Quality Flow Systems, Inc, which distributes Barnes Pressure Systems products.
  • Christoffell & Elliott would like to meet with RLK and the Board or representatives of the Board to present their product.
  • M. White said an agenda would be needed to which the Board would contribute before a decision on a meeting or who would attend would be made.
  • Rob Scott recommended that before consideration was given to meeting with the Barnes’ council, a response to RLK’s letter to Wagner Construction on the grinder pump submittal rejection should be received from Wagner.  The Board concurred with Rob.
  • John Jamnick will communicate with Wagner Construction.


Special Assessments

  • The Clerk reviewed the status of the Special Assessments with the Board.
  • Special Assessment Payments have been received in the amount of approximately $120,000.00.
  • Waivers have been sent to those not receiving the first Special Assessment Notice and those not assessed property taxes.  Invoices will be sent to the Crane Lake Chapel and the Crane Lake Volunteer Fire Department.
  • The list of Special Assessment Payments received was sent to Scott Harder to forward to the County Auditor.


Accounting System

  • D. Congdon has contacted the Glorvigen, Theis, Lind & Co. accounting firm in Grand Rapids for information on governmental accounting computer programs for consideration.  They are currently reviewing District information.
  • D. Congdon will communicate with Glorvigen and recommend an accounting program to the Board for approval.
  • 2003 Activity will be recorded on the new system.


Eastern Service Area (ESA)

  • J. Jamnick will speak to Mary Frances Skala of Fryberger about ordinances for system replacement in the Eastern Service Area.  There is a County ordinance that the Board could adapt to the District’s needs.
  • J. Jamnick will report his findings to M. White.

Board Appointments

  • Notice was received from Mary Frances Skala of the MPCA’s request of a formal agreement from St. Louis County to transfer Board appointments from the County to the Town Board.
  • In the meantime the Crane Lake Town Board will appoint and recommend to the County Board based on legal advice received from Mary Frances Skala.





Jim Sanborn has stated that he does not wish to be reappointed to the Board in 2004.  J. Sanborn will remain on the Board until an appointment is made.  M. White indicated that the Board does recognize Jim’s perseverance and contribution to the District during his tenure.


Rainy River Basin Plan – A letter was sent to The Rainy River Basin Plan formed by the MPCA requesting to be placed on their mailing list.  Mailings have been received by others in the community.  Another letter will be written re-requesting to be placed on their mailing list.





Meeting Schedule – No meeting is planned for December 17th because of the Holidays.  A meeting schedule will be made for 2004 at the January 7th meeting.



Link to Town of Crane Lake website – The Clerk will look into expenses of linking to the Town website.  A motion was made by D. Congdon, supported by D. Scott to link to the Town of Crane Lake website, if expenses are under $100.  Motion carried.


Loans and Grants – D. Congdon requested that addresses of websites to assist property owners with hook-up expenses be included in the minutes:, .





Rob Scott asked if there was any basis to M. White’s mention of the potential of more court cases.  He suggested that the Board contact Mary Frances Skala and Scott Harder regarding any recommendations they may have to prevent any future court actions.  Ruth L. Carlson said the Board should always be alert to any possible lawsuits.  M. White responded that Mary Frances Skala and Scott Harder have diligently advised the Board about legal requirements since the Board employed them.



There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:35PM.





J. Pohlman





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