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CLWSD Minutes – December 5, 2001
7:30 PM
Crane Lake Chapel
The meeting was called to order by Acting-Chair David Dill at 7:35 PM.Members present: Managers Jim Sanborn, Mike White, David Dill and Darrell Scott.
Members absent: Manager Deena Congdon.

Also present: John Jamnick of RLK-Kuusisto Ltd., Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman and 4 members of the community.

Motion by J. Sanborn, supported by D. Scott to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of November 7, 2001 and the emergency meeting of November 13, 2001. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by D. Scott, supported by M. White to approve the November Treasurer’s Report and payment of bills as follows: $218.00 to Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, $64.09 to Citizens Communications, $1,853.00 to League of Minnesota Cities for Insurance, $1,074.00 to League of Minnesota Cities for Dues, $4,700.00 to RLK Kuusisto for site work, $175.00 to Minnesota Rural Water Association for dues and $995.38 to Fryberger et al. Motion carried. Gary Albertson, Cook News-Herald suggested that the amount of their invoice, $195.00, should be looked into before payment as he felt it was high. Treasurer M. White stated there was an over-payment of $7,094.75 received from the MPCA for ISTS grant refunds. The MPCA recommended that we keep the money for the next ISTS refund application.

· Clerk J. Pohlman presented the correspondence to the Board.

Web Site
· There was no report on the web site progress.

Rural Development Funding
· J. Jamnick reported that everything for Stage II had been received by the Rural Development office and he anticipated their final approval and the funding some time next week.
· D. Dill asked Clerk J. Pohlman to write a letter to Senator Doug Johnson thanking him for his participation in helping with the Rural Development Funding.

U.S. Corps of Engineers Funding
· The CLWSD has been invited to a meeting in Duluth on December 12, 2001 at 1PM regarding the funding process.
· J. Jamnick and D. Dill plan to attend that meeting.

CDBG Funding
· A letter was written to St. Louis County requesting an extension of time on the current contract.
· A response should be coming soon. D. Dill will follow up, if necessary.
· When the contract comes, D. Dill has the Board’s authorization to sign the contract.

Treatment Site
· There was discussion on the current site and Eggen site on Camp 40 Creek.
· Motion by D. Scott, supported by J. Sanborn to pursue the Eggen Site; and if that is still not available, pursue an easement to cross Eggen land to decrease the amount of pipe needed to reach the discharge site. Alicia Cope of Cope & Peterson would be asked to draw up an option agreement when and if it is appropriate. Motion carried unanimously.

Discharge Site
· Ian Stewart, Minnesota Historical Society, has asked that the Board determine which of the five lots would be used.
· J. Jamnick will contact Mr. Stewart after funding is received. He would then have core sampling done to eliminate the question of any archeological problems.

Stage III Requirements
· J. Jamnick reviewed the steps that must be taken to complete Stage III for Rural Development.
· J. Jamnick presented three RD forms to be signed thus completing Items 37, 38, and 39 of this process.
· Chair J. Sanborn signed the forms.


There was discussion on the sequence of the construction. The Treatment Plant should be constructed first; then the piping, leaving Gold Coast Road last to avoid disruption of tourist traffic during the busiest time of the year. J. Jamnick said he would contact the County about road improvement at the same time.

Letters will be written to Lewis Bystrom and Mike Lang transmitting their ISTS payments.

The Board may have to meet twice a month beginning in February.

Bid packages for construction should be ready by April 1, 2001.


The Regular Board Meeting for January will be at the Crane Lake Chapel on January 9 rather than January 2, 2001.


Bob Anderson – When we are ready to start construction, just go ahead and get the job done. It will be difficult but contractors always do the best they can to do the job with the least amount of inconvenience to the public.

Shirley Sanborn – Most businesses slow down by mid-August so there should not be a need to wait until after Labor Day to do the construction work on Gold Coast Road.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.

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