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June 25, 2004 – 8:00 PM





The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike White at 8:03PM


Members present:  Managers Bud Bystrom, Deena Congdon, and Mike White.  Manager Darrell Scott arrived at 8:05PM.

Members absent:  Manager Rob Scott.


Also present:  Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, a reporter from the Cook News-Herald, and 10 concerned citizens.


Chairman M. White explained that the Board was limited to the items on the agenda as this was a Special Meeting.


Financial Plan

  • M. White stated that houseboat data was still being gathered and that the Board was not prepared to address that issue at this time.  A recommendation to the Board could be available at the July 7th Board meeting.
  • M. White stated that the June 1, 2004 Financial Plan has been posted on the website.
  • M. White asked the Board if they were ready to approve that Financial Plan.
  • A motion was made by B. Bystrom, supported by D. Congdon, to approve the Financial Plan of June 1, 2004.  The vote was as follows:  B. Bystrom – Yes; D. Congdon – Yes; D. Scott – Yes; M. White – Yes.  Motion carried.


Sewer System Start-Up Requirements

  • 2004 Forecast – Revenues are needed to operate the plant between plant start-up, scheduled for the first part of July, and the next year.  M. White will work with Scott Harder on this.
  • Hook-up Notification – Notices must be sent to property owners that are required to hook-up to the system.  An agreement may need to be signed.  The Ordinance should be reviewed to assure that everything is included.  M. White will ask R. Scott to review the Ordinance.  The notice will be sent prior to the next Regular Board of Managers Meeting, if possible.
  • Potential Hook-up Inspection Fees – There is the possibility of a fee for the inspection after the hook-up.  Another special meeting may need to be called to work on this fee.
  • Base and Volume Charge Commencement Dates – It is necessary to know when income will start to complete the2004 forecast.  Once the plant is operational it would be proper to begin billing the base charges.  This information should be included in the notice sent to property owners. A motion was made by D. Congdon, supported by B. Bystrom, that the base charge should take effect when the plant is operational and the volume charges should begin when individual properties hook-up to the system.  The vote was as follows:  B. Bystrom – Yes; D. Congdon – Yes; D. Scott – Yes; M. White – Yes.  Motion carried.
  • NTS Notification Requirements – The District does not have a contract with NTS yet.  It is not known what the requirements are to transfer system responsibility from the contractors to NTS.  M. White will look into this.
  • Insurance Requirements – M. White will work with NTS on insurance requirements.  The contractors have the responsibility until project completion.
  • B. Bystrom reminded the Board that the electrical and sewer connections installed by individuals must be inspected by a licensed professional.




M. White stated that an email had been received from Stuart McKie this morning requesting that his concerns be addressed, on record, at this meeting.  M. White stated that subjects other than the Agenda items could not be addressed or acted upon at a Special Meeting.  Mr. McKie’s concerns will be addressed in the near future.


Virginia Clifford asked if those property owners that paid their special assessment fee in its entirety would be required to pay the base fees each month.  The response was yes.  Everyone must pay the special assessment fee, whether paid in its entirety or spread out over 30 years on their taxes, and the base fees.


Mike Seigley asked when he would be able to hook-up to the system.  The response was that that exact time was unknown.  M. White will talk to RLK to arrange a schedule for Mike Seigley’s hook-up and driveway replacement.


Virginia Clifford asked if there was any news on what the County would be doing with the culverts on the Gold Coast Road.  M. White stated that there would be a meeting next Monday between the Engineers and the County to discuss culverts and drainage in the Gold Coast area. Virginia then said that this would be a good time to do other work while the road is torn up. M. White reminded the public that this project’s funding responsibility was to return the road to the same condition it was in prior to the project; but Monday’s meeting with the County would be addressing ditching and culvert issues.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM





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