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May 7, 2003 – 7:30 PM



Study Session:  7:00 – 7:30PM


John Jamnick updated the Board on the status of the contracts.  He assured the Board that they had taken all steps necessary to expedite the contract signing procedure and that the Notice to Proceed could be issued by Friday when construction could begin.  The Contractor will start by clearing and grubbing the entrance to the plant site and the plant site.  The Contractor then plans to begin at the north end of the project and work his way South.  There will be two or three crews working simultaneously.


John then mentioned the Letter of Agreement previously sent to the Board with an Amendment to their Contract for easement work performed amounting to $80,000.  This figure is included in the 3.2 million dollar project budget and will be acted upon during the meeting.  The Contract included $25,000 but this project’s easement work was more extensive than that experienced to date on other projects.


Jim Pucel reviewed the Project Status Report which is listed below.


M. White asked the Engineers to assure the Board that the grinder pumps in the Spec have a warranty comparable to the warranty on the E-1 pumps used at Pike Lake, which are being replaced at no cost due to their failure caused by the deep frost last winter.


Regular Meeting


The meeting was called to order by Vice-Chairman Darrell Scott at 7:32PM.


Members present:  Managers Darrell Scott, Mike White, Jim Sanborn, and Deena Congdon.

Members absent:   None


Also present:  John Jamnick, Jim Pucel and Stu Dye of RLK-Kuusisto Ltd., Scott Harder of Environmental Financial Group, Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, a reporter from the Cook News-Herald, a reporter from the Voyageur Sentinel and 13 members of the community.




Motion by M. White, supported by J. Sanborn to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of April 2 and the Special Meeting of March 23, 2003.  Motion carried.


Motion by D. Congdon, supported by J. Sanborn to approve the April Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried.  M. White stated that there were no Administrative bills to be paid and that the Gold Coast Project bills would be addressed as soon as funding is received.



  • The correspondence was presented to the Board.
  • A motion was made by M. White, supported by D. Congdon to place the correspondence on file and act upon as required with the request that the Clerk advise the Board of any needed responses to correspondence.  Motion carried.


RLK-Kuusisto Progress Report

  • Pre-Construction meeting was held on April 30, 2003 and minutes were sent to all parties present.
  • Faxed Dennis Wagner, Wagner Construction, a copy of the St. Louis County Utility Permit as requested.


RLK-Kuusisto Progress Report (Cont.)

  • Sent Earl Wilkins a set of Wastewater Collection Plans and a list of culverts proposed to be replaced on the project.
  • Prepared additional application for power service to the wastewater collection system lift station.  Sent Mark Pascuzzi of Lake Country Power a copy of electrical drawings for the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Spoke with Mary Frances Skala of Fryberger, Buchanen regarding Contract Documents.
  • Spoke with Rolland Hamborg, USACE regarding the application for addition funds for 2004.
  • ESA-Copies of the Report were sent previously to St. Louis County Health Department, the MPCA and Rural Development for their review and comments.
  • ESA-Sent letter to MPCA requesting placement on the Project Priority List.
  • ESA-Prepared CDBG pre-application for the ESA preliminary design.


A motion was made by M. White, supported by J. Sanborn to approve the Amendment to the Engineering Contract in the amount of $80,000 (amount included in $3,200,000 project budget) to be paid upon receipt of funding.  Motion carried.


A motion was made by M. White, supported by D. Congdon authorizing RLK-Kuusisto to submit the pre-application to the CDBG for CDBG funding for the ESA, which is due by May 15, 2003 and to coordinate with County Commissioner Mike Forsman of St. Louis County regarding road improvements.  Motion carried.


Environmental Financial Group

  • M. White introduced Scott Harder, President of the Environmental Financial Group.
  • Mr. Harder introduced his firm to the Board and community members present and explained that he would assist the Board with the rate schedules, ordinance, cash flows, and other financial requirements from the funding agencies.
  • Mr. Harder will present preliminary ideas at the next Board meeting and then listen to the concerns and issues from the public. At the following Board meeting he will present his revised proposal.
  • Mike Siegely asked if he would be looking at the amount of wear and tear on equipment by individual users of the system.  His response was that 85% of the costs are fixed and not related to actual plant processing volumes.

Request for Temporary Injunction

  • The request for temporary injunction by the Crane Lake Property Owners for Common Sense is scheduled to be heard at 9:30AM on Tuesday, May 13th at the County Court House in Virginia.
  • The Board does not have documents filed with the court and cannot comment at this time.


Board Meeting Schedule

  • A letter was received from Mike Siegley requesting that meeting times be changes from Wednesdays to Fridays at 7PM.
  • M. White stated it would be difficult to expect contractors, corporate representatives, engineers and other professionals to attend meetings on a weekend and may even cost the District money.
  • M. White further stated that because of increased activity, the Board has an obligation to be available to the public and suggested that the meeting schedule of the Board be changed to two Regular Board Meetings per month.
  • A motion was made by M. White, supported by D. Congdon to change the Regular Board Meeting schedule to the first and third Wednesday of each month.  Motion Carried.


Copy and Information Requests

  • A motion was made by M. White, supported by J. Sanborn establishing a charge of $.25 per copy (includes labor) for copy requests and $25 per hour for any other labor requests.  Motion carried.


Project Accounting

  • M. White reminded the Board that he submitted a Memo to the Board last November stating that he would not be the Treasurer in 2003.  It is May and he still is.
  • M. White stated that the Rural Development workload would be increasing.
  • A motion was made by M. White, supported by J. Sanborn that Terrie Hoff be hired for project processing of payment of bills at the same pay rate as the Clerk.  Motion carried.
  • A motion was made by M. White, supported by D. Congdon to establish a bank account at Border State Bank of International Falls for the project funding and bill payment.  Motion carried.


Easements Status Report

  • There was discussion on the few remaining easement issues.


Right-of-Way Issues

  • The revised Consent Form has been sent to the Town of Crane Lake for signature.
  • D. Congdon will communicate with the Town regarding action on the Consent Form.


Eastern Service Area

  • Refer to RLK-Kuusisto Progress Report above.


Board Vacancy

  • M. White sent a letter to County Administrator David Twa, attaching all related correspondence, regarding the five month long vacancy.
  • M. White asked for a written plan and completion date in his letter to the County.


2003 Elections/Designates

  • These issues will be addressed when a fifth Manager is appointed.




M. White requested that the Clerk check on the status of the ISTS Grants and extend the term, if needed.


A motion was made by D. Congdon, supported by M. White to contact John Vigen for a proposal to do appraisal work for the WSA.


The next Board of Managers Regular Meeting will be on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 7:30PM at the Crane Lake Chapel Fellowship Hall with a Study Session at 7:00PM.




Larry Olson asked that the Contractor remove the pipe from his parking lot.  Larry would give his permission to the Contractor to place the pipe on his property, but not in the parking lot.


John Jamnick asked that the Board designate a storage building for their use during construction.


Butch Eggen suggested that the appraiser look at the distance from the hook-up point to the sewer lines and consider this in appraisals.



The meeting was adjourned at 8:20PM



J. Pohlman


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