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October 5, 2005 – 7:30 P.M.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Rob Scott at 7:34P.M.


Members present:  Managers Deena Congdon, Darrell Scott, Rob Scott, and Michael White.

Members absent:  Bud Bystrom


Also present: John Jamnick and Jim Pucel of RLK-Kuusisto, Kenny Winkler and Jim Pohlman of NTS, Clerk Jo Ann Pohlman, reporters from the Cook News Herald, the Voyageur Sentinel and the Timberjay, and 11 members of the community.




A motion was made by M. White, supported by D.Scott, to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting of September 7, 2005. Motion carried.


The correspondence was presented to the Board.  A motion was made by M. White, supported by D. Scott, that the correspondence be placed on file and acted upon as required.  Motion carried.


D. Congdon reviewed the Treasurer’s Report and presented the invoices on hand for payment approval.  A motion was made by D. Scott, supported by M. White, to approve the payment of the following invoices:  Administrative:  The Costin Group, Inc. – $500.00; and Lutefisk Technologies, Inc. – $46.11 and $32.50.  Plant Operations:  Hawkins – $460.78; Lake Country Power – $40.28 & $308.68; NTS $4,977.15 less Flood portion of $1,392.00 ($3,585.15) and NTS $5,433.75 less Flood portion of $1,248.00 ($4,185.75).  Gold Coast Project:  Cope & Peterson – $4,343.90 and RLK-Kuusisto – $4,243.75 less Flood portion of $588.95 ($3,654.89).  Motion carried. Calls from vendors for payment of invoices being held for insurance purposes will be referred to D. Congdon.  Flood related invoices have been sent to RLK to be forwarded to the insurance company.  Verbal assurance of invoice payment has been received from the insurance company.


RLK/NTS – Treatment Plant Update and Corrective Actions

  • J. Pucel reported that the plant is working fine.
  • The re-built recirculation pump has been installed and is working.
  • K. Winkler reported that MPCA standards are being met.
  • One-half of the valve system will be shut down for the winter, as it was last year.
  • J. Jamnick reviewed the Draft summary of plans to complete the work for I. Power Failure Damages, II. Preventive Action Improvements, and III. Project Enhancements.  Much discussion followed regarding the items listed under each heading.  M. White requested that a redundant circuit breaker system be added to the plan.
  • J. Jamnick reviewed the Budget Summary.  There was discussion of moving the interest for the Interim Funding from Project Costs to Special Assessments.
  • The Board agreed that both documents should be used as working papers.
  • M. White indicated it took over three months to get a listing of what needs to be done and asked when the plant would be restored to normal operating conditions.  J. Jamnick responded that the insurance carrier has Engineering Firm Short-Elliott-Hendrickson reviewing the claim with a response expected by October 15th.  This should allow work to proceed.

RLK-Kuusisto Project Status Report

  • Project Status:  Updated punch lists have been sent to the Contractors again.
  • Wells:  Petersen Drilling has the materials together to work on the Zullick property well.  They will do the work when it fits their work schedule.
  • Recording of Plat:  The Plat has been recorded.
  • Accessibility:  The Accessibility Evaluation and Transition plan has been completed and sent to Roger Clapp of Rural Development.  M. White requested a copy of the Evaluation and Plan.
  • Capital Asset Plan:  RLK is working on a draft that should be completed in a couple of weeks.
  • Project Forecast:  Addressed above.



CLWSD Meeting Minutes 10/5/05


NTS Project Status Report

  • 12,400 gallons of sludge were removed and transferred to the Virginia Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment and disposal.  Approximately 2,000 gallons remain for transfer.  Biosolids disposal options will be reviewed.
  • The Sand Filter Recirculation Pump failed and was replaced with the spare rebuilt pump.  The failed pump was replaced on 9/20/05.  The failed pump was sent to Quality Flow for repair but the condition of the pump will not allow for repair.
  • Lorin Bergemann reported excess pumping at his grinder station.  The IPS was inspected on 10/4/05 with damage found in the sidewall.  It appears to be a backfill problem and requires inspection by the Engineer for warranty repair.
  • New Installation at the Terrie Hoff property – The IPS was damaged and a new one was installed.  A spare will be ordered.  Costs and responsibility will be determined.
  • Annual service and inspection of the main lift station, pumps and controls will begin.
  • NTS will be checking individual grinder stations that have been winterized for the season.
  • Preventive Annual Maintenance Plan: NTS will complete the plan this month.
  • Winterization of the treatment plan will be completed in November.
  • M. White requested the following: 1) The damaged IPS at the Hoff property be inspected to insure it met the manufacturer’s specs.  2) NTS present the Board a recommended spare parts list and a current inventory of spare parts.  3)  NTS to seek other available suppliers of recirculating pumps and motors.


EFG – Report

  • 2006/2007 Forecast & Rate Review: Scott Harder is working on the forecast and rate review.  Mr. Harder would like to arrange to review and discuss the forecast and rate review with R. Scott and D. Congdon prior to the Board scheduling a public meeting.  Mr. Harder is on track for the Board to consider approval of his recommendations at the December meeting.
  • Connection Procedure:  Mr. Harder is reviewing and preparing comments in response to emails received from Board members.
  • Special Assessment Amortization:  A special assessment payment-in-full schedule has been forwarded to the Clerk.
  • USDA-RD Loan Amortization:  Roger Clapp will be contacted for information and review.


Eastern Service Area

·         Sewer System Inspections: J. Pucel presented a draft letter and survey form to be sent to property owners for Board review.


RD Project & Loan Closing

  • Title Insurance was purchased at a cost of $968 to save the District $4,000 in annual interest expense.  The interest rate was locked in at 4.125%.
  • There was no discussion of the State Relay Number and Disabled Policy.




Paul Hamblin offered a Public Address system to the District to be used for meetings now being held in the Groomer Garage.  A motion was made by D. Congdon, supported by M. White, to augment Mr. Hamblin’s donation with $1,500 for any upgrades or additions needed for the system.  Motion carried.


R. Scott stated that a new item would be added to the Agenda after Other Business titled Action Item Summary listing items discussed at the meeting needing action.   This months Action Items are:

  • A Public Address system for meetings.
  • A letter will be requested from the insurance company stating the CLWSD has a valid claim.
  • What impact does the pump failure have on operations and maintenance?  Are there other pump option vendors to consider than Quality Flow?
  • Execute Work Plan – Prioritize items and set target dates.
  • Should Interim Financing interest expense come from the Project Funds or the Special Assessment Funds?
  • Recommendation from NTS on biosolid disposal options – land application or trucking to Virginia.
  • Responsibility of IPS damage and replacement costs at the Hoff property.
  • NTS recommendation of spare IPS stations to have on hand.
  • Develop an ESA Plan.


CLWSD Meeting Minutes 10/5/05




Comments included:  Terrie Hoff stated that the IPS cover was broken as the unit had tipped over before the Contractor arrived to place it into service.


Charlie Crockett was concerned about putting in a new St. Louis County approved sewer system at his Bear Island property and having to convert to something else when an ESA Plan has been adopted.  The Board explained that they have not adopted a plan and have no funding at this time.   Mr. Crockett also requested that a fair EDU rate be charged for seasonal properties as his property is experiencing about 25 gallons of flow per day.


Paul Hamblin asked about the lack of surge protection and the question of the 8” to 2” piping size reduction.  J. Jamnick replied the surge protection was in the Plan, but not installed and the piping was not installed as designed.  J. Jamnick also stated that RLK-Kuusisto had designed the entire system.


Paul Hamblin expressed his concerns regarding the expense of $20,000 to do surveys in the ESA for a project that is not funded at this time and there is still no concrete plan.  Mr. Hamblin stated it could take five years to secure the funding.  J. Pucel agreed.


Dave Erding asked about winterizing grinder stations for the season.  The homeowners can do their own winterizing or ask the District for assistance.  NTS will be checking winterized stations.


Paul Hamblin had comments on the plant flooding causes, whether it was lightning or faulty design.  He suggested an outside Engineer assess the damages for another opinion.




There being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 9:50PM.


J. Pohlman, Clerk



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