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CLWSD Newsletter #1 July 2001

This newsletter is being mailed to all residents of the Crane Lake Water and Sanitary District and other interested parties. It provides a summary of current activities within the District and related requirements for Board decisions.

In the last half of 2000 an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) was submitted to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) as related to the proposed treatment plant facility for the Western Service Area. The Western Service Area includes all of the Gold Coast including Chase First Addition, Baylis Crane Lake Addition, and Harding Manor plus all properties along the Crane Lake Road from the Gold Coast to and including Handberg Road to Bayside Drive and all properties accessed by Bayside Drive.

An objection to the EAW was filed with the MPCA as related to the proposed treatment plant discharge of effluent. An MPCA hearing was held on February 20, 2001, with resultant effluent limitations more stringent than the proposed treatment plant’s capacity.

A plant site Advisory Committee was formed at a public meeting on March 24, 2001, with the charge to identify alternate treatment plant and discharge sites that will satisfy the community and meet MPCA limitations. The Advisory Committee’s recommendations are scheduled for presentation to the Board of Managers at the Board meeting to be held at 7:30 PM on August 1, 2001 at the Crane Lake Fire Hall.

There have been questions regarding payment for the proposed Gold Coast septic system. The construction costs will be paid by funding agency grants and some long-term debt that is to be paid for by the users of the system. Interest on the debt plus operating and maintenance expenses are also to be paid by the system users. Preliminary cost estimates will also be discussed at the August 1, 2001 meeting.

Administrative expenses related to operation of the Board of Managers are the only costs shared by all District property owners. The Board collects the administrative expenses with a levy that is added to property taxes. The total levy has been $15,000.00 per year for the past several years.

Ayres Associates, our primary engineering firm, was advised to do no additional work under their present contract. A decision related to the Ayres contract for primary engineering is crucial and the Board will act on this as soon as possible.

A legal firm has been employed to draft the District’s first and primary ordinance. The firm was selected in recognition of its considerable experience with septic system ordinances. Although the initial draft is expected within the month, it will require considerable Board review and a final treatment plant design before enactment.

The Board’s objective is to provide a cost effective system that protects the environment. The Board is confident that the project has been on the right track since the March public meeting. The Board also recognizes the critical nature of decisions that must be made in the near future. Toward that end, we encourage your questions, comments and attendance at our Board meetings.

Board of Managers:
Deena Congdon – 993-2266
Darrell Scott – 993-2378
David Dill – 993-2252
Mike White – 993-2424
Jim Sanborn – 993-2404

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