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PDF Instructions
How to use and/or download a PDF File.
To use the PDF file you will need an application that will recognize and open the PDF format. (ex. Adobe Illustrator¨ª or Adobe Acrobat Reader¨ª)

Adobe Acrobat Reader is FREE for download from, we have provided a link for your convenience.

The use of the PDF format is implemented differently depending on your operating system platform and your computers preferences, the following is a basic breakdown on how to work with this PDF file:

1. Download/Install the Acrobat Reader from Adobe if you do not yet have it.

2. Click on the PDF file you wish to download.

3. Print File

Instructions for saving PDF’s:

1. If your browser tells you this is an “unknown file format” and asks if you would like to save it to disk, go ahead and save it. You will then be able to open it in Acrobat Later.

2. If the file opens directly into your browser window you will then have to save the file to your Hard Disk for later use. IMPORTANT! Since there is no “SAVE” option is some browsers simply press the small disk icon button in the window.

3. Some browsers may have the file open in the Acrobat Reader Application itself, instead of the browser window, here again press the disk icon button to save the file to disk.

4. Once the PDF file has been saved to your Hard Disk in the location you specified, double clicking on the file should open it. Again, depending on how your computer is setup it may open it in the browser or it may open it in Acrobat Reader. If you wish to open it in Acrobat Reader directly, just launch the Acrobat Reader application by double clicking it’s icon, the use the File: Open Command. Find the location you previously saved the PDF and open it.

Your browser or system may be slightly different, however one of the above steps should work.

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